Isa Weber

Cultural Specialist

Born with the travel bug in a small German town, Isa escaped provincial monotony at the age of 20—working for five years on cargo ships allowed her to travel off the beaten path. After several stays in Indonesia she became a secretary at the Foreign Office in Germany and was posted to Kobe, Japan. During a vacation to the islands of Tahiti Isa felt that this was the place where she wanted to drop anchor and moved to Tahiti in 1982.

Speaking several languages, it was not difficult to find a job in the growing tourist industry where she started as a welcoming hostess and tour guide for the biggest travel agency. In 1986 she accepted an offer to work as a sales and reservations manager for the famous Bali Hai Hotels and moved to Moorea. After several other management jobs in the hospitality industry, Isa wanted to have more time for her two children and became assistant manager for the biggest Tahitian pearl producer, where she was responsible for human resources at the branch managing the retail outlets and the pearl museum.

Since arriving in Tahiti, Isa never stopped studying Polynesian history and culture and has continuously worked as a freelance guide. In 2011 she had her first experience lecturing on a Tahiti-based cruise ship, and since then has worked on several American and German classic cruise ships as well as on some expedition ships.

When she is not traveling, Isa enjoys her home on the beautiful island of Moorea, staying active with gardening, hiking, outrigger canoeing, dancing, or just enjoying the warm waters of the lagoon. 

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