Jared Berg


Jared was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, where from an early age he fostered a love of the outdoors, hiking and backpacking throughout the Pacific Northwest and exploring Puget Sound with his family. After high school Jared attended Washington State University graduating with a double degree in construction management and business.

While in college, Jared took up SCUBA Diving and very quickly found his passion and new direction in life; sharing the wonders of the underwater world. Jared soon became a professional SCUBA Instructor and avid underwater videographer, specializing in the Flora and Fauna of the Western Pacific. Using this experience and his degree in Business, Jared moved to the Central Coast of California and took a position working in the Dive Program at the Monterey Bay Aquarium before starting his own dive services company based in Monterey, California. He has worked on numerous video and photo productions including shoots for Bob Talbot, Jay Ireland and The Discovery Channel and will soon have his own HD video featured on The Animal Planets new series, Whale Wars.

Jared is a licensed 100 ton USCG Captain and spends a good portion of his summers piloting a 60 foot Pacifica taking disabled veterans out on whale watching and scenic cruises, fishing trips and will soon be implementing a disabled diver program. From September through October Jared tours up and down the coast of California traveling from San Francisco to the Napa River and then back down to San Diego stopping at each port of call to meet the veterans.

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