Jean-Roch De Susanne


Jean-Roch was born and raised in Southern France, among the arid beauty of the Provençal landscapes. This land features an incredible historical heritage spanning over tens of thousands years, and it is where he rooted his understanding of Nature and Man.

He graduated in Paris with a degree in visual communication and enrolled for a first job, but soon decided to undertake a trip through Central America in search of a meaningful accomplishment. He was 24 when he took the rambling side of life. It took him five months to travel from Mexico D.F. to Quito, Ecuador. There, he got hooked by the strange but wonderful charm of the country and the warmth of its people. It is then that the opportunity to volunteer for the Galápagos National Park presented itself.

The Galápagos struck him like thunder. Lost in the vastness of the Pacific, these islands, burning under a merciless sun yet bathed in cold seas, host a mysterious and fearless wildlife that simply fascinated him. This was the place he wanted to dedicate his time and talent. It was not long before he signed a contract with the National Park Service and began a new adventure in life.

In 2006 he trained to become a naturalist guide for the Galápagos National Park and discovered a new passion. He has since assumed different responsibilities on board various ships, before joining the Lindblad team in 2009. Today, he also works as a tour leader which has given him the opportunity to travel to countries like Peru, Bolivia, Cuba and France, but he always comes back to the Galápagos and is delighted to be your guide for this expedition.

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