Julia Huggins


Julia Huggins first fell in love with the mountains in Wyoming, where she grew up skiing, camping, and climbing in the Tetons. She later fell in love with the ocean when her family moved to New England and spent summers sea kayaking and sailing along the coast of Maine.

Julia studied Biology and Environmental Studies at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, where she worked in a mycology research lab for three years, studying the fungal ecology and soil chemistry of the Pacific Northwest old growth forests. Her work focused on how symbiotic relationships between trees, mushrooms, and soil bacteria drive ecosystem-level processes. This research has since led her to study in remote corners of the world, including the temperate rain forests of New Zealand and Patagonia as well as the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador.

Julia was an intern with a program that teaches college-level biology courses on backcountry kayaking expeditions through Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage. She also worked as a trip leader and naturalist on hiking, backpacking, and surfing trips in the Pacific Northwest and as a teacher in Hawaii. She has taught students about temperate rain forest ecology, coastal marine biology, and volcanic geology along the Oregon Coast and in the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. By combining her research and love of the outdoors with her work as a naturalist, Julia has fallen in love with place-based environmental education and realized how profoundly she loves sharing with others the things that inspire her about the natural world.

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