Maartje Ruijgt

Assistant Expedition Leader

Growing up near the sea in the Netherlands Maartje discovered early on that there was more to the world than the little country where she grew up. Her desire for travel and new experiences began after a cultural exchange program to Colorado at the age of 14. She then went on to graduate with a BSC in social science and began a career working with special needs children.

In 2007 she began a two-year journey exploring the world. With only a backpack she began her adventure in Barcelona, crossing the ocean to Central and South America. The next leg of her journey brought her to Southeast Asia, where she worked for several NGO projects in the Philippines and Malaysia immersing herself in the rich culture and history of this fascinating part of the world.

By joining Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic, Maartje continues to explore the world and her interest in cultural and social anthropology. Using her open-minded, bubbly, personal and caring nature, combined with a passion and zest for life, she hopes to enhance each guest’s onboard experience. Her top priority is to help create an expedition to remember. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, observing wildlife, continuing her volunteer relief work, and visiting all the many friends she’s made around the world.

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