Marie Rothenberger

Wellness Specialist

Marie began her healing journey after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. After finding relief in Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, she set out on her path of self-discovery and natural healing. Soon, her own healing became a quest to learn to use the techniques herself to help others, and she left her corporate position in the health insurance industry to concentrate on this passion full time. Marie is now a Holy Fire 2 Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Registered Yoga Teacher. She has also learned and practices multiple healing modalities such as dry cupping, sound and light therapy, visage, Himalayan salt stone massage, Bamboo-fusion®, Raindrop Technique®, Thai massage, meditation and Tai Chi. 

As a creator with her own healing arts practice, she both teaches classes and designs individual experiences for her clients. She views her work as helping others see themselves; by tapping in intuitively to assist them on their path of self-discovery. She appreciates every day, as each breath is a blessing, each contact with another is an opportunity to grow and learn. Marie is here to listen to your mind, body and spirit—to uncover the best and highest version of you. If you are in need of relief and calm healing, she can help you find them. 

After college, Marie settled in west Michigan along Lake Michigan. Besides spending time with her husband, Carl and their two daughters, she enjoys hiking the dunes, kayaking and meditating to keep connected to nature, finding peace and relaxation outdoors



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