Marieke Egan


Marieke Egan grew up among the foothills of the Swiss Alps, learning to cross glaciers before she could tie her own shoelaces. Developing her adventurous spirit, she took up speed skating and went on to win medals in the Dutch National Championships.

After completing a B.A. in psychiatry and developing a career as a therapist and coach in communication, she followed her desire to explore the world and feed her soul with new adventures. This led Marieke to explore Southeast Asia, trekking extensively through the Nepal Himalaya and the high Andes of South America from Patagonia to Peru.

In 2006 Marieke moved to Tasmania where she found her true calling as a guide and naturalist, developing her knowledge and love for pure wilderness and sharing this with international guests. She followed this with forays into the Kimberley region of Australia leading extended four-wheel drive tours and also as a duty manager in various wilderness lodges in UNESCO World Heritage areas.

Marieke’s appetite for new experiences and wilder places has drawn her to explore the incredible beauty of polar environments that are only accessible by expedition ship. She is an assistant expedition leader, Zodiac driver, and naturalist.

Today, she enjoys sharing nature’s best from the bottom to the top of the world, from icy Antarctica, to various Sub-Antarctic Islands, to New Zealand and Australia, to tropical Sumatra, Borneo and Papua New Guinea, to High Arctic, and more.

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