Mark Brazil


Mark Brazil resides in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido where he was a professor of Biodiversity and Conservation (1998-2007) at Rakuno Gakuen University. Previously he lived in Dunedin in New Zealand’s South Island while pursuing a career in natural history television. Originally of Worcestershire, England, Mark has had a passion for natural history, especially ornithology, since he was a child.

He earned degrees in biology and English literature from Keele University, England, and has combined his interests in writing and the natural world since 1980. He is a prolific writer, a columnist, and author of six books including the Field Guide to the Birds of East Asia and The Nature of Japan: From Dancing Cranes to Flying Fish. His doctoral research in behavioural ecology at Stirling University, Scotland, allowed him to spend three summers in Iceland and awakened a fascination with northern ecosystems, but his interests in wildlife biology and conservation and a parallel career as a nature guide, television consultant, and expedition leader have allowed him to travel extensively in both northern and southern hemispheres, enjoying equally tropical, temperate and boreal regions. He now travels for more than half of each year, sharing his fascination for observing the behaviour of the species he encounters with fellow travelers and naturalists. Between journeys he writes about his experiences and enjoys mountain hiking, skiing and snowshoeing in his adopted home of Hokkaido.

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  • Aug 31, 2020

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