Mark Watson


Mark has been working as a naturalist and field guide for more than 20 years, mostly in the remote wilderness regions of Tasmania and the Kimberley.  Over the past five years he has spread his talents further afield through the regions of Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Southeast Asia.  After eight years in the armed services Mark decided to swap his gun for a camera and headed off to the Kimberley.  Here Mark reaffirmed his love of the great outdoors and the natural environment while working on the pearl farms along the Kimberley coast.

He secured a traineeship as a ranger on the one million acre wilderness park known as El Questro.  Mark worked as a ranger for 10 years, refining his naturalist skills while conducting bird watching tours on horseback, Barramundi fishing trips by four wheel drive and helicopter, as well as cruising the many spectacular gorges in search of rare birds, plants, crocodiles and other endemic wildlife.  

After leaving EL Questro Mark travelled down to Tasmania and began leading bushwalking trips through the rugged cradle mountain region and in the winter months headed back up to the Kimberley to a remote lodge at Faraway Bay where he took guests to hidden caves and overhangs exploring mysterious rock art that had been lost to the world for hundreds of years. 

Mark is passionate about all aspects of the old world tropics, from the biodiversity of the coral triangle to the rainforests that are home to a plethora of endemic bird species and primates.

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