Michael Jackson


An experienced traveler, Michael has lived on several continents, including a year spent working as a naturalist and zoologist in Galápagos and three months in Kenya conducting a study of birds of prey. He is the author of Galápagos: A Natural History, a comprehensive guidebook which details the natural history of the plants and animals found on the islands. 

He has a passion for science and nature and enjoys sharing his interests with others. Since 1986 he has worked at St Michaels University School (SMUS) in British Columbia, teaching a range of disciplines including physics, geology, biology, earth science, environmental science and marine science. One of his jobs outside of teaching is to help integrate technology into the school. And along with his wife Monica, Michael was also a senior house parent for a number of years at Barnacle House, one of the school’s boarding houses.

Michael uses his naturalist experience to lead outdoor education trips and finds great pleasure in seeing others get excited about the things he’s interested in. He combines his love of nature and his world-renowned expertise on the Galápagos to lead students through a bi-annual spring break trip to this unique ecosystem.

His extracurricular activities include sitting on the executive board of the British Columbia Association of Physics Teachers and volunteering with his local Coast Guard Auxiliary. He is also vice president of his local sea kayaking club, and acting as webmaster for his local sailing club. In his spare time, Michael relaxes by taking pictures, tinkering with different technologies, traveling and exploring natural history. 

Upcoming Expeditions

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  • Aug 17, 2018
  • Aug 06, 2018
  • Dec 07, 2018
  • Feb 08, 2019

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