Michelle Silsbee

Wellness Specialist

Hailing from Michigan, Michelle became interested in Massage Therapy while studying sports medicine and anthropology. She has been a Michigan-licensed massage therapist, bodyworker, and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine since 2004. She received her education from the Michigan Institute Of Healing Arts and Sciences and still continues to learn. She has been trained in Swedish-relaxation, sports massage, myofascial deep tissue release, touch for health, acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology, hot cold stone, and bodywork techniques. She also has an associate’s degree.

Michelle has been a lifeguard for the YMCA since 2002 where she leads a large group water aerobics class and is a therapeutic arthritis instructor who teaches swim lessons at all levels. She is also a model, actress, and artist, running her own business called Art by Michelle Silsbee.  Her other hobbies include painting, photography, illustrations, sculpture and she is currently publishing a children’s book.

Michelle is a regular volunteer at community events, and she has served as a team massage therapist for a professional basketball and hockey team. Besides traveling the world, learning about other cultures she has several other hobbies.  Michelle loves being outside, and taking in what nature has to offer. She is an enthusiastic kayaker, runner, hiker, swimmer, cook, gardener, camper and studies Ojibwe, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. Michelle believes in taking charge of one’s health and wellbeing, and that energy is a very important in our daily lives.

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