Miquel Angel Rodríguez-Arias

Cultural Specialist

Miquel Angel Rodríguez-Arias can be best described as a polymath, an unusual individual for this time of hyper-specialization. He holds a B.Sc. in biology from the University of Barcelona, a M.Sc. in environmental engineering from the University Ramón Llull, and a M.Sc. in history of science and technology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

He currently holds a research management position as fundraiser and corporate developer in the Marine Sciences Institute of Barcelona. In his early research career he was lucky to join some exciting extreme field-work experiences such us dredging submarine volcanoes in Antarctica aboard an oceanographic research vessel, or helping fearless herpetologists capture poisonous snakes and mega-lizards in the red sandy dunes of Simpson Desert in Central Australia.

His personal interests in cultural diversity and natural landscapes led him to become an experienced independent traveler always looking for off-the-track options. He has explored new crossings in the Peruvian Andes, learned traditional dog sledding in Quebec, gotten lost in massive Hindu festivals, and done solo dives at night on the unspoiled reefs of the Coral Sea. Either in India, Southern Africa, or at his home city of Barcelona in Catalonia, what Miquel Angel likes most is to connect the present with the past.

Miquel Angel is a science-popularization lecturer as well as a regular contributor to Spanish travel magazines. Recently, he has become also a professional tour guide in the Barcelona area.

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