Patrick Duggan

Expedition Leader

Patrick grew up in the historic town of Charleston, South Carolina, a destination overflowing with resources for a young explorer. Patrick’s parents happily encouraged daily pursuits such as sailing, hiking, and camping in the endless coastal wetlands. In addition to his love of the outdoors, history was another fascination. Influenced by his hometown, Patrick learned the benefit of understanding the historical significance of the places he explored.

Motivated by challenge, Patrick enrolled in The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. While learning the qualities of leadership, he pursued his first guiding opportunity as a docent. It was then that he discovered the desire to educate while simultaneously leading others into the unknown. After graduation, he became a licensed guide for the city of Charleston, conducting historical walking, culinary, and mixology tours.

Despite early success in the travel industry, a fierce wanderlust and an ambition to encounter the world remained. So Patrick set out in search of unique adventures—from diving in Southeast Asia to sailing the Caribbean, from missionary work in the Middle East to hiking in the Andes, and most recently, leading adventure expeditions across North America and Canada.

Each exploit helped create a well-diversified leader, a multifaceted guide who is passionate about the world around him and driven to facilitate travel for others. If you meet Patrick on board an expedition, engage him in a variety of topics, from cuisine and wine to geology, oceanography, and oceanic conservation.


Upcoming Expeditions

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