Rex Bryngelson


Rex is a life-long guide and photographer and a full-time resident of Chilean Patagonia. Originally from Minnesota, Rex made many sojourns as a young man into the Northwoods to canoe, fish, and cross-country ski. While studying geology in college he began spending summers in Alaska and ultimately went on to guide 15 seasons there leading a wide-variety wilderness trips throughout the state including rivers, sea kayaking, photography, and wildlife tours, always with his camera close at hand. In 1991 he was part of a successful expedition to the summit of Denali, North America’s highest peak. During this time Rex developed an intimate knowledge of the state’s geography, people, and natural history and still considers Alaska his second home.

In the late 80s Rex began guiding whitewater river expeditions on Chile’s famed Rio Bio Bio and soon after found himself guiding fly fishing in the remote Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia. Rex saw an opportunity there and opened up his own fly fishing lodge in the mid 90s on an idyllic secluded trout stream called the Rio Cisnes (Swan River), which he continues to operate today along with his wife Maike. Rex is considered one of the pioneers of that now booming industry in Chilean Patagonia.

Rex has a 35-year background in photography and, in addition to his lodge, operates a company leading photographic tours throughout Patagonia in Chile and Argentina, as well as the Atacama Desert and Easter Island.      

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