Stephen Alvarez

National Geographic Photographer

Stephen Alvarez is an award-winning National Geographic photographer and filmmaker who produces global stories about exploration, adventure, culture and archeology. He has published over a dozen feature stories in National Geographic magazine, traveling on assignment from the highest peaks in the Andes to some of the world's deepest caves. Stephen is also a frequent consultant and commentator on how new photographic technology is changing the world. He embarked on a project to photograph the Seven Natural Wonders of the World with Microsoft Smartphones in 2016 (, which included chasing the Aurora Borealis across the Arctic Circle. More recently, Stephen traveled Iceland’s Southern Coast as the National Geographic/Canon digital nomad. His latest National Geographic story on the Origins of Art led from early human sites on the southern coast of Africa to Paleolithic art caves in France and Spain.

Moved by the power of humanity’s earliest artworks, Alvarez founded the nonprofit Ancient Art Archive, which is dedicated to using the photography and the newest image-based VR technology to explore, preserve, and share the humanity’s oldest artworks.

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