Steve Blamires

Expedition Leader

Steve Blamires is from Arran on the west of Scotland, where the Celtic and Gaelic cultures are still strong.  Steve has traveled extensively on all seven continents, has circumnavigated the globe, and visited over 50 countries.  He now lives in New York State with his wife Jennifer.

He is an authority on the Celtic, Viking and Inuit peoples and has an extensive knowledge of the society, culture and history of Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and Greenland.  Steve has a special expertise in Celtic traditions — he represented the Celtic peoples at the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions.  He has also published several books on Celtic culture and tradition, the Gaelic language and, most recently, a biography of the Scottish poet, writer, and mystic William Sharp, The Little Book of the Great Enchantment.

His passion in history is not for the Kings and Queens, nor the great battles, nor famous historic achievements but rather in the day to day life of the ordinary people – you and I.  How did they live?  How did they see the world around them?  And what influences did the centuries of movements of people across the globe have on the present-day people and countries we visit today?

Steve's passion for his subject is revealed in not only his knowledge and expertise but also in his enthusiasm for helping others experience the joy of travel and appreciating different people and cultures. He has worked with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic for over a decade.  He brings a subtle sense of humor to his lectures and tour guiding as he believes that travel is the best way to learn - but there is no reason why it cannot be fun.

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