Susan Weber

Wellness Specialist

Susan grew up playing in the forests and lakes of Northern Michigan and learned independence and a strong work ethic on a family farm with five siblings.  She earned a degree in social work from Western Michigan University and practiced in Traverse City for ten years.  Drawn to the spirit of the American West, she moved to Santa Fe in the mid-1980s and completed a 1,000-hour program with the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts.  “The mountains, mesas, vistas, blue skies and 300 days of sunshine per year captured my soul; I call it home now, living on the Chama River with red-tailed hawks, yellow-shafted flickers and a queenly cat name Cassiopeia.”

In 1998 Susan completed a teacher training in yoga that she finds compliments massage for maintaining health and wellness for herself and for others, which she loves to share.  Today, she teaches yoga and wellness and does massage at Ghost Ranch Conference Center in Abiquiu, New Mexico, as well as for her private practice.  She has been a wellness specialist with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic since 2006.

“My continuing education involves learning more about nutrition, herbology, different styles of yoga and movement, and the body/mind connection.  We can empower ourselves by tuning into what works best for our own particular constitution for maintaining health, be it diet, exercise, managing stress and living a balanced life.  I look forward to designing a treatment that meets your individual needs and hope to see you in the morning stretch class.”

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