Tommy Acosta


Tommy was born in the Galápagos on Santa Cruz Island, at a time when all the streets were still made of sand and only one paved road snaked through the island. Both of his parents were naturalists, and Tommy grew up accompanying them as they guided tour boats throughout the island. Although he didn't realize it then, Tommy is hardly surprised that he followed in his family's footsteps and became a naturalist guide himself — the love of nature and the thrill of education are deeply ingrained in him.

Tommy initially set out studying electronics and computers, but the majesty of the Galápagos brought him back to his first love — nature — which he seeks to better understand using technological tools that he both develops and builds. He now dedicates his time to better understanding and learning more about these unique islands and its many remarkable creatures.

Tommy is dedicated to sharing with others the mystery and majesty of the Galápagos as he has experienced it. Having studied tourism in ECOTECT, Tommy also knows the islands of the Galápagos like the back of his hand, and this intimate familiarity has given him a remarkable perspective on this, his favorite place in the world. He enjoys life in Puerto Ayora — although it's the largest town of the Galápagos Islands, it is a world apart from city life. Tommy with always be fascinated by the incredible natural world of the Galápagos Islands.

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