Valerie Taylor

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Valerie Taylor is a dive legend, shark chronicler, pioneering undersea photographer and filmmaker, and National Geographic cover subject.  Valerie, and her husband Ron Taylor, gained fame in the early days of scuba diving for their breathtaking live footage of sharks, particularly Great Whites.

In 1969, the Taylors formed their own production company.  In the same year, Valerie was catapulted to international stardom in Peter Gimbel’s classic film, Blue Water White Death.  During the 1970s Valerie and Ron’s live shark sequences appeared in the movies Jaws, Orca and The Blue Lagoon.  In 1973 Valerie’s photo was on the cover of National Geographic.  This image caught the attention of Lars-Eric Lindblad, and Valerie and Ron spent a decade traveling the world on the little red and white ship called the Lindblad Explorer.  Both she and Ron have won numerous awards in underwater photography and videography.  In 2000, she became an inaugural member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

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