The Expedition Experience

It’s about up-close encounters with beauty, wildness & the seldom-seen

I had a list. And I got to put BIG checks on it. Within 50 feet of a wild bear: check! Up close to a calving glacier: check! Breaching whales: check!”

People say interesting things about Lindblad expeditions, and because there is a video chronicler on nearly every expedition, we capture many of them. We post these clips (see the Alaska guest clip quoted above here) in our Daily Expedition Reports so you can see what others have to say, as you decide if expedition travel is right for you.

And frankly, why wouldn’t it be?

Adventure expeditions are extraordinary experiences—designed with curious, intelligent people in mind. There are opportunities:

  • To go to the planet’s exceptional places, many of which are either otherwise inaccessible (e.g. Antarctica) or best accessed by a ship (e.g. Galápagos, Alaska, Baja’s Sea of Cortez, Costa Rica & Panama, to name only a few)
  • To have privileged, personal encounters with the world’s wonders
  • To travel accompanied by veteran expedition teams with the expertise to ensure you see all the facets, and contribute insight along the way
  • To share the experience with like-minded others
  • To have incredible stories to share, a priceless stock of memories, and perhaps, even the best photos of your life

We believe that travelers don’t want to be passive tourists, so our expeditions foster active engagement. Our ships are equipped with tools for exploration—to get you out there for up-close forays, or to let you see deeper into the marine or terrestrial environments surrounding you.

You will see and do things that are cool. Watching killer whales circle a seal on an ice flow, devising hunting strategies before your eyes is cool. As is having a marine biologist with you when it happens. Having a gray whale calf surface alongside your Zodiac is cool. And having the world’s best whale photographer, National Geographic’s Flip Nicklin right there with you, is great too.

A superb expedition team greatly adds to your understanding and appreciation — through dedicated looking to make sure you miss nothing (finding Arctic polar bears against white ice isn’t easy; knowing where whales are congregating takes insider knowledge of Alaska). Providing insightful commentary on all you see. And giving engaging presentations that weave the expedition into a cohesive narrative for you.

Even people who thought they hated group travel have marveled at the rewards of sharing experiences with passionately dedicated experts, inspiring photographers, and like-minded fellow guests.

This is because we don’t conduct our expeditions as “group travel.” You are not herded around, or treated as a collective. You can choose activities daily, and choose which individual of the expedition team you wish to join (our generous staff-to-guest ratio means diversity for you) based on personality or mutual interests.

You will share the experience with genuinely interesting people. The woman to your right shooting carefully composed portraits of an albatross? Her career was White House photographer until she retired at the end of the Clinton administration.  The man sharing the deck rail with you, thoughtfully contemplating the volcanic Galápagos landscape? He’s an IMAX director, currently developing a documentary on Alaska.

You can dine with whom you wish. Share a drink with anyone from a naturalist to the guest speaker on board. Hole up in the library with a good book or participate in collective sociability when the mood strikes. Many friendships are sparked aboard Lindblad ships. And families traveling together reaffirm bonds in revitalizing ways.

Whether you’re planning to travel independently, share the experience with your spouse, significant other, friends, or bring the whole clan to celebrate a landmark event, an expedition with us will exceed your expectations, and change the way you see the world. It might even change your life.  

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