Wild Personalities

Fascinating creatures in extraordinary places

Get to know some of the amazing animals that share our planet. Our new series highlights a range of species that make their homes in the extraordinary and varied regions where we explore. On our expeditions, you’ll have the chance to experience these creatures in the wild—from the strange and rare to the inspiring and beautiful—during thrilling, unforgettable encounters.



Galápagos Giant Tortoise



Get to know this tooth-walking seahorse

Get to know this iconic island dweller

Get to know this master of survival


Giant Manta Ray

White-Faced Capuchin MOnkey


manta ray belly capuchin monkeys

Get to know the unicorn of the sea

Get to know the smartest fish in the sea

Get to know this precocious small primate

Northern Fur Seal

Gray Whale

Marine Iguana


Get to know this northern-dwelling pinniped

Get to know these incredible, gentle giants

Get to know the world's only ocean-going lizard

Polar Bear

Green Sea Turtle

Leopard Seal

OntheHunt.jpg sea otter leopard seal

Get to know the king of the Arctic

Get to know the ocean's master navigator

Get to know Antarctica's apex predator

Sea Otter


sea otter nudibranchs  

Get to know the keepers of the kelp forests

Get to know the jewels of the sea


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