Women Explorers

In 1966 Lars-Eric Lindblad led the first-ever expedition to Antarctica for citizen explorers. Of the 56 intrepid travelers who signed on to go where only explorers and scientists had gone before, 37 were women—clear evidence that the desire for adventure and exploration is female, too. So, we celebrate female explorers, current and former. Click each photo below to learn who they are and what they do.


ella potts

Ella Potts

You can usually find Ella Potts “geeking out about cetaceans,” as she likes to say.  Her knowledge is vast and when you have marine mammal questions—whether you’re wondering about the evolution of the cetacean brain or the difference between killer whale types—Ella is sure to have answers. 



kristin_hettermann caitlyn_webster_headshot.jpg 05_sharon_grainger.jpg lynn fowler

Kristin Hettermann

Caitlyn Webster

Sharon Grainger

LYnn Fowler

elise lockton isabella_lindblad.jpg maya santangelo pamela fingleton

Elise Lockton

Isabella Lindblad

Maya Santangelo

Pamela Fingleton

Jenny Kingsley Heidi Norling Johanna Garcia Willowdean Handy

Jenny Kingsley

Heidi Norling

Johanna Garcia

Willowdean Handy

bette lu krause Sisse Brimberg michelle rider Hilda Sarmiento

Bette Lu Krause

Sisse Brimberg

Michelle Rider &
Sara Henstam

Hilda Sarmiento

stacy rivett sylvia earle kathy sullivan zaria forman

Stacy Rivett

Sylvia Earle

Kathy Sullivan

Zaria Forman

jennifer burgin jeanne baret jen martin ana esteves

Jennifer Burgin

Jeanne Baret

Jen Martin

Ana Esteves

krista rossow annie fiske bessie sweeney tierney Thys

Krista Rossow

Annie Fiske

Bessie C. Sweeney

Tierney Thys

eva saragosa sarah culler 04_dora_the_explorer.jpg 03_wanny_wolstad.jpg

Eva Saragosa

Sarah Culler

Dora the Explorer

Wanny Woldstad

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